Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lu Gang

Lu Gang is a small, old and romantic town close to Taichung which I recomend everybody to visit, should they have the chance. The architecture is preserved very well in this town and this work continues even today.

The town has a huge marked with all kind of lpocal food, the most famous dish is the oyster omelet, as this city os close to the sea. The city also host a very old temple and a huge collection of small narrow streets.

When we arrived to Lu Gang we first went to the main temple, which was very impressive. Below you will see some details from this temple.

 After the temple we took a long walk along the designed path through all the old neighborhood of the town. It was a triue joy to the eye, and you really felt that you were walking a very old street - hundreds of years ago.

Wew ended up in Gentlemens lane, that you can see below. The reason for the odd name is, that all male need to be gentlemen in this lane in order to pass a woman - you are that close...

I several old post from Lu gang - see the video from the marked or the post on my first oyster omelet that I had in Lu Gang. This place is worth your time.

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